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Attend to the Barça training and see the players is the dream of all fans. Here are the our tips to approach your idols.

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How to see Messi or Suarez up close and for free? Attend one of Barça's training sessions! It's not easy but not impossible! It is even possible that your idols will sign your autograph.

See a Barça training session

Before, the training sessions were open to the public. Barça trained for a long time at Camp Nou on a pitch near La Masia, now converted into a car park. But Guardiola's arrival in 2008 changed everything. The Catalan coach wanted to protect his players from prying eyes and derogatory comments by moving to Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper in Sant Joan Despi, 8.5 kilometres from Camp Nou.

Since then everything has changed to see Barça training. You have to be invited or wait for the Epiphany to see Barça training in public. Indeed, the blaugranas train in public at the Mini Estadi around January 5 each year, the date being chosen according to the calendar of the F.C. Barcelona at that time.

If your dream is to attend a training, you know what you have to do: come to Barcelona around these dates and pay if necessary 10€ that the resellers will ask you to have a precious sesame (in principle it is 5€ for non socios but the resellers make a business of it).

See the players before Barça training

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If you don't have the opportunity to come in early January to see a Barça training session, you still have the opportunity to see the players and maybe get your autograph.
For this, you have to go to the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper in Sant Joan Despi two hours before the training starts. Players arrive early for breakfast, massages and strength training.
Arriving before practice has one advantage: you see all players arrive in approximately one hour. The disadvantage is that none stop because they are focused on the session that awaits them.

Our tips:
1- If you know anything about cars, they all arrive in their Audi. It's up to you to keep your eyes open!
2- If you arrive less than one hour before training starts, you will not see anyone.

What can you do during Barça training?

Training is long and boring for a fan. We have to wait and unfortunately there is nothing to do around Ciutat Joan Gamper. I recommend you to have a coffee in the village at 10 minutes on foot. The address: L'Eixida, Carrer de Laureà Miró, 87, 08980 Sant Feliu de Llobregat.

Eixida Barca training session saint feliu de Llobregat

Get an autograph after practice

Having an autograph from a Barça player at the end of training is a mixture of technique and a bit of luck.

First of all, come one hour after training begins. The first players leave after 1h30-2h but at least you will not miss them.
Then choose your access. There is the one near the roundabout, where the majority of players pass. But there is also one along, the "avenue du 11 septembre" that Busquets uses all the time.

"You never know if they'll stop," explains Sofia, a regular of Ciutat Esportiva with her friends. "It depends on their mood, whether they won or lost the night before. The only thing we know is that Busquets go out on the 11th September Avenue and Cillessen wave us, except if he's on a very bad day. »
They tell us that players leave between 12:30 and 14:30 if training starts at 11:00. "Sometimes Jordi Alba leaves at 3pm,".  To get her jersey signed, Sofia brought an indelible black marker.

That day, I didn't get anything from the players. "You have to be patient. My brother went to the airport three times before Messi stopped," Sofia's friend told me. Meanwhile, Cucurella, one of Barça's future stars, was walking past us in general indifference. But he didn't have a car that would have allowed us to identify him. But maybe one day the fans will wait for him to sign their jersey.

Training Schedules


Season is over. See you in July!

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How to get to Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper?

Adress: Av. Onze de Setembre, s/n, 08970 Sant Joan Despí, Barcelona.

By car: 20 to 30 minutes depending on where you are staying in Barcelona.
By bus: Ciutat Esportiva is three minutes walk from the 78 bus terminal. 1h15 from Barcelona.
By taxi: Between 15 and 20€ depending where you are in Barcelona.
By tram: terminus of the T3 Sant Feliu Consell Comarcal line. 1 hour from Barcelona and 10 minutes on foot from the tram to Ciutat Esportiva.
By train: from Barcelona line R1 direction Molins de Rei or R4 direction Sant Vicenç de Calders. Stops in Barcelona: Sants, Plaza Catalunya and Arc de Triomf.

Google Map Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper

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