Useful information · How can I get my tickets for a Barça match at Camp Nou ?

Would you like to see Messi and his teammates at Camp Nou? There are 3 ways to get tickets. Here are all our tips to buy your tickets and live an unforgettable experience in the biggest stadium in Europe. 


1) Buy your tickets with the F.C. Barcelona: the guarantee of official tickets


The first solution is to buy your tickets directly on the official website of the F.C. Barcelona. The advantage is that you will have tickets at the lowest price. However, there are few tickets available and you have to wait 48 hours before the match to find some.

Also, pay attention to the place you choose inside the stadium. Some places do not have a very good visibility on the field, others have a good visibility of the field but you won’t see the rest of the stadium and you won’t enjoy the Camp Nou’s atmosphere.

Moreover, it is difficult to get places next to each other inside the Camp Nou. Buying with F.Barcelona  is therefore more recommended to experts and regulars of Barça matches at Camp Nou.

Here is the link to buy your tickets online with the F.C. Barcelona.


Buy tickets for Barça matches with an official agency approved by the F.C Barcelona: the guarantee of a successful trip to the Camp Nou and official tickets

The second solution is to buy your tickets for Barça matches with an official agency approved by the F.C. Barcelona. We recommend Nectar Sports, based in Barcelona and working with Barça for 10 years. You will have access to a English-speaking team of professionals who will advise you by email or telephone on the best tickets to enjoy the match and the Camp Nou’s atmosphere. The other advantage is that the team will be able to find you seats next to each other to share this moment with your family. Please note that tickets can be delivered directly to your hotel or sent by e-mail 48 hours before the match.

With an official agency accredited by the F.C Barcelona, you have the guarantee of a successful trip to the Camp Nou.


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3) Buy your tickets from unlicensed sellers: be careful with bad deals!


The third solution is to buy your tickets from an unauthorised seller. Indeed, you have the possibility of finding your tickets for the matches with retailers online or in the street in front of the Camp Nou. But be careful, the authenticity of the tickets is not guaranteed when you  buy from a not authorized seller. Barça is hunting for unlicensed resale and you may not be able to enter the Camp Nou on the day match. Recently, the club has taken very strict measures to fight the black market.

Moreover, it is difficult to get seats next to each others in the stadium and these may not offer the visibility expected. So be careful with Black Market, especially because the retailers set their price themselves.


In summary, we advise you to buy your tickets for Barca matches with the F.C Barcelona or with an official agencies approved by F.C. Barcelona such as Nectar Sports.

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