Useful information · FC Barcelona Museum: 10 hot tips to visit Camp Nou

Here are 10 hot tips to visit the FC Barcelona Museum in the best conditions. Follow the guide!

How to visit the FC Barcelona Museum? Here are 10 good tips for visiting this mythical site:

1- Come and visit the FC Barcelona museum as you wish!

To come to the FC Barcelona Museum, all the options are available to you: public transport, taxi, tourist bus, and even private car. Indeed, the Camp Nou car park is free on days when there is no Barça match. So it's a great plan for those who have a car and don't want to pay for parking during the visit. The access is gate 14, on Aristides Maillol Street.

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2- Avoid coming at 11am

11am is the rush hour at Camp Nou: it is indeed at this time that most of the groups arrive. So come as soon as the opening hours or at lunchtime. You can have a line at the entrance, but once inside you will have a lot less people.

3- Don't come to the FC Barcelona Museum on match day!

That's an order, or almost an order:). Don't come to the F.C. Barcelona Museum on match days. Access to the changing rooms and the tunnel to the field is closed for obvious reasons as the players will then move on to the field. However, this is the best time of the visit, so it would be a shame to miss it. Especially since the price of the ticket remains the same. It is also in real life the day before a Champions League or Clasico match. However, if you would like to come no matter what, then buy your tickets here or here.

4-Buy your tickets in advance

Buying your tickets in advance saves you €3.50 per ticket. This is the extra amount that Barça takes if you go through its counters to buy your ticket to the F.C. Barcelona Museum. For a family of 4, we are talking about 14€ in all! Then buy them before here or here!

5- The audio guide, it's up to you

Once you have passed the entrance to the F.C. Barcelona Museum, you will be offered an audio guide for 6€ per person. It's up to you. We're not fans because it cuts off interaction within the family. It is true that this is the only way to get an explanation in French if you don't have a guide.

6- Virtual reality, the same

The virtual reality proposed by the Camp Nou did not excite us. Especially not recommended for those who go to or have seen a match at the Camp Nou. The others, it's up to you.

7- Have fun!

If you are a football fan, it's a magical moment. So have fun, shout, sing! The only thing you can't do is play ball in the Museum.

8- Take some water to visit the FC Barcelona Museum

There is only one stand to refresh yourself when visiting the FC Barcelona Museum, and it is a good hour after the start of the visit. So take some water with you before you go in. If you forgot to bring some, there are many bars just before entering the Museum.

9- Take some biscuits too

The visit passes quickly but the children may be hungry. So remember to bring some cakes too if you need them.

10- Dream BIG!

It is not every day that we follow in the footsteps of the greatest stars in the world of football. Enjoy it! And if you want to know all the secrets of Barça during your visit to the FC Barcelona Museum, let yourself be guided by Camp Nou Visit experts by clicking here or here!