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The journalists

Buenos días! We are sports journalists who get press pass to see the game at F.C. Barcelona in the press box and meet the players in the mixed zone after the match! Nico is our Lionel Messi expert as he lived in Rosario, Argentina, at the same time as the Barça nº10 when he was a kid. Matt, half Spanish, knows everything about La Liga. You'll be impressed! Olivier have seen more than 200 games at Camp Nou since he arrived in Barcelona in 2005. Ludivine has 15 years of experience in sports journalism, and she is our women touch!

On the program of your visit

Put yourself in the players' shoes!

  • Discover where the players go on a game day thanks to photos chosen for you.
  • Imagine yourself in the Barça dressing room thanks to a video chosen for you!
  • Learn why some players never talk to the press.
  • Relive where Barça scored Remontada’s last goal against PSG.
  • Take the place of the F.C. Barcelona players when they enter the field!
  • Access the changing room, the press room, the tunnel to the field, the benches, the edges of the field and the trophy room.

Learn while having fun

  • Did you know that the stadium is called Camp Nou because of the dictator Franco?
  • Do you know the origin of ‘More Than One Club’, the motto of Barça?
  • Can you tell what the F.C. Barcelona represents in the city’s GDP?
  • Discover a series of anecdotes that will help you better understand the Barça and the city of Barcelona.

Let yourself be guided by a Barça expert!

For mothers travelling alone, it is the assurance of entrusting your children to professionals.
For football fans, this is an opportunity to ask all the questions you’ve always wanted to ask!
For the English-speaking people of Barcelona, it is the possibility to entrust your family and friends to specialists and keep them busy for half a day.

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Admission to the Museum and the Camp Nou (26€ per adult 14-70 years old, 20€ for 6-13 years old, +70 years old and students).
Guided tour of the Museum and the Camp Nou for 2 hours with a sports journalist expert of F.C. Barcelona
A private or small group visit (group of maximum 12 people).
A visit in English only
The purchase of tickets at the Museum and the Camp Nou to make your visit even easier.
A skip the line of the mandatory photo session for visitors without a guide
A contact to answer all your questions about your arrival at the F.C. Barcelona stadium
Exclusive photos and videos chosen for you to make you follow in the players’ footsteps
Anecdotes that give you a better understanding of why Barça is more than an Club in Barcelona.
A souvenir photo offered to immortalize your visit.
The possibility to take another tour by yourself at the end if you feel like it

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